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Save Money on Healthcare

Save on healthcare costs when employees know how to see doctors who are in your plan’s network and by going to an urgent care center or retail clinic instead of the ER for a minor illness or injury. When your employees know how their coverage works and what’s covered, you and your employees can reduce steep healthcare costs.

1 Platform, 100 Ways to Customize

Want your own custom programs loaded into our app? We can load your Telehealth, Advocacy, Chronic Care, and any other vendors, with the option to use our vendors instead as needed!

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All Your Info in 1 Benefits Platform

Rather than living in separate databases, websites, apps and even paper – provide a single health dashboard from which users can get the information they need, all in one place. Manage your employees from one place and communicate all your benefits in an all-in-one employee app. Easy to use, customizable, and scalable like no other. Display employee’s major medical, dental, and vision ID cards within our Benefits section of the ShowBenefits app. With the option to show life and AD&D, group disability, HSA vendors and more.

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Customized for Accessibility & Engagement

You spend a lot of time curating the best benefits for your employees, but many go forgotten and unused. Our benefits wallet is a single, accessible place to display all your benefits. It increases discoverability so nothing is left behind. We’ll build your benefit cards with any custom text you require, click-to-call phone numbers, and web links.

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All Your Info in 1 Benefits Platform

99% of customers do not have any app, let alone a aggregation app showing their benefits. Engage your team like never before, reflect your company culture, and solidify your employer branding with the ShowBenefits employee communication and engagement app.

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Grow employee retention

Employees report that apps are a preferred way to educate themselves about their companies’ benefit offerings, and manage their benefits – especially among Millennials, 64% of which prefer apps to managing benefits.

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